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Providing Quality Education

We are not only just focusing on the National Curriculum but set high standards in achieving academic targets

Our Teachers Are Creating Future Leaders.

Our team consists of experienced & passionate teachers who are dedicated to your child’s academic achievements.

Faith Is Also Important For Us

Religious Education (RE) curriculum enhances our students’ aptitude about tolerance and awareness of other faiths.
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Providing Quality Feedback

Inspiring & Visionary Leadership Team

Our distinctive & highly qualified leadership is the key feature of our progression and success, their 17 years commitment & devotion for this institute instil in our staff & students hope for triumph and a belief in themselves which empower them to accomplish their goals.

Prep Newsletter 22.07.2022

Prep Newsletter 22.07.2022

Prep Newsletter 22.07.22
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Prep Newsletter 17.06.2022

Prep Newsletter 17.06.22
Secondary – Tuesday Bulletin Issue 53

Secondary – Tuesday Bulletin Issue 53

Secondary - Tuesday Bulletin Issue 53  
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Prep Newsletter 27.05.2022

Prep Newsletter 27.05.22
Secondary – Tuesday Bulletin Issue 52

Secondary – Tuesday Bulletin Issue 52

Secondary - Tuesday Bulletin Issue 52  
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Prep Newsletter 13.05.2022

Prep Newsletter 13.05.22


By The Numbers

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We aim to provide quality education with exceptional ingenious skills which create effective challenges for our students and support to enable them to realize their full potential, both academically and socially.

New Events

Our Leadership Programme

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Public Speaking

The focus is placed on reciting poetry, reading aloud, speaking about a topic which the children are interested in, improving their debating and interview skills.

Quran – holy book of Muslims in the mosque

Hifdh Programme

Our preparatory school Croydon provides an exceptional opportunity for the young pupil to have a strong connection and love with Quran at their early age through this Hifdh Programme.

A business person is writing down math formulas on the glass screen in the evening modern panoramic office.

Math Challenge

This program aims to stimulate mathematical problem solving and provide our students with an opportunity to compete it on a national level and they have won it on many occasions. 

Tolerance [Converted]

Interfaith School Forum

This forum develops a relationship with other local schools that have promoted greater respect & understanding of differences & similarities between each other.


House Groups

The house system plays a vital part in our students’ life & involves many of the students in wider extra-curricular experiences. House groups are led by member of staff along with their House Team.


Student Council

Our School Council is a fundamental part of school life, students councilors held weekly meetings to ensure that the whole school has a voice, sharing best practice & offering advice to other pupils.

School boys blazer with yellow prefect school badge

Student Prefects

Our selected students’ prefects are expected to establish & maintain the highest standards of behavior, attitude & appearance at all times & provide a positive role model for other pupils.


Since my daughter has attended Al-Khair, I have noticed a difference in her academic results and overall behavior. She is more respectful and makes more effort to do prayers, she has recently comprehended the concept of charity and now encourages us all the times to help the poor and needy people of the society, this attitude I believe is the result of Al-Khair fantastic environment. Overall Al-Khair is an excellent school, where discipline and respect are taught well.
Nicholas P Existing Parent
Since my daughter has joined the school in 2018, I have seen a dramatic improvement in her academic skills, confidence and Islamic knowledge. The school is progressive in terms of its academic objectives and they ensure students maintain their religious principles and interact with the society on a wider scale. I also chose this school as they had a good review in the Evening Standard newspaper.
Andrew H Existing Parent
Al-Khair School is a great school for my children, along with the Islamic environment and teachings, the national academic standards are brilliant too. My children behaviour at home is evidence of how well the school has influenced them mashallah.
Birrah I Existing Parent
Al-Khair School is a place that will work with your child to succeed academically.
Natalie D Existing Parent
If you are looking for a loving and caring environment with excellent academic and Islamic values, Al-Khair school is the place for your child. They are not only focusing on religious study but provides the perfect balance of education across all aspects of your child’s life.
Hamid A Existing Parent
Having only started a few weeks ago, it is clear that the provision of education is far superior to the previous schools we have been to, with the added benefits of an Islamic ethos. We would definitely recommend Al-Khair School to other parents.
F. A Existing Parent

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Al Khair School puts the Academic and wellbeing of its students as a priority.

We value all of our students and encourage them to excel not just Academically but also to develop within themselves a strong sense of emotional wellbeing going forward. As such, Al Khair School has a counselling service open to those students that are in need of them. It is important for the voice of the students to be heard and our trained counsellor works with students, parents and relevant staff members to help those students in a safe environment where they are free to express their feelings and emotions.

For parents that feel that their children would benefit from our counselling services please contact our Head Teacher for an informal discussion. We are always here to help.

Our Counsellor is training in the following areas:

• Parent, Child, Teacher Relationships
• The Complexities of Growth
• Behaviour Therapies
• Grief and Bereavement
• Co-dependency
• Dysfunctional Families Recovery – The Therapeutic Process
• Psychological Study of Education
• Memory and Learning
• Child Bullying and Child Abuse

Name of Excellence

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We have nine schools in our portfolio – four in the United Kingdom, one in Somaliland and four in Pakistan – from which we educate over 6,000 children. We also educate over 3,700 Palestinian children in Gaza, with our support of Palestinian children garnering acclaim from the UN.

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