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Careers Provisions

Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

At Al Khair Secondary schools, we are highly committed to providing our pupils with information, advice and guidance relating to future decisions and careers. We value the importance of careers education and guidance to support our pupils in realising their potential and the options available to them after their GCSEs. We provide an array of interactions and activities both at school and externally with a network of partners. Our Careers programme challenge stereotypes, raise aspirations, and drives our students to achieve above and beyond their potential. Our aim is to provide accurate, personalised and relevant material which caters for the needs of our students and prepares every student them for the world of work and life in modern Britain and the global market place.

Outline of CEIAG Delivery

These include:

  • Career assemblies & form time activities
  • Interview preparation through organizations such as National Citizens Service (NCS)
  • Mock Interviews in school
  • Careers Fairs & Trips (virtual for 2020-21)
  • Guest speakers & assemblies from the World of Work
  • PSHE scheduled lessons on Careers (see PSHE timetable & 5-year Grid)
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Work experience (virtual for 2020-21) & volunteering
  • CV & Personal Statement workshops
  • Career Cafes
  • Careers Directory
  • Mentoring Scheme
  • Off-site visits

Careers Team

Careers education at Al Khair Secondary Schools’ is led by Ms Afsha , follow this link to contact. and supported by Ms Aliya (Learner Support & Mentor) and Ms Zaynab (Careers Support/PSHE Teacher)

You will find below the following:

  • The Eight Gatsby Benchmark
  • Planning documents for Whole-School and Curriculum CEIAG provision
  • Subject specific careers’ posters
  • Al Khair’s Careers Directory
  • Career’s Learning Journey
  • Year 9 GCSE Options
  • Local labour market information
  • Our destination data summary reports (coming soon)

The eight Gatsby benchmarks

Our programme for CEIAG supports the achievement of the eight Gatsby benchmarks. These benchmarks have been developed and define all the elements of an excellent careers programme.

Document – Download

Whole School and Curriculum Area CEIAG Planning Documents

Subject Specific Careers

(ISSU embedded)

Year 9 Options: KS3 to KS4 Progression

PDF – View/Download

GSCE Subject Information


Local Labour Market Information

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Virtual Work Experience Information

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Upcoming Careers Fairs

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Careers Assemblies: World of Work

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Careers Directory

PDF – View/Download

Links to Local Sixth Forms & Colleges

Harris Westminster (have the links embedded so visitor just clicks on the name)  https://www.harriswestminstersixthform.org.uk/18/applying-to-harris-westminster

Oasis Academy Shirley Park  https://www.oasisacademyshirleypark.or

Riddlesdown College https://riddlesdown.org/

Harris Academies  https://www.harrissixthform.org.uk

Dunraven School https://www.dunraven.org.uk/

Wilson’s Grammar School https://www.wilsons.school

Wallington Grammar School https://www.wcgs-sutton.co.uk

Coulsdon Sixth Form College https://coulsdon.ac.uk/

Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College https://coulsdon.ac.uk/

Parents & Carers

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News & Information

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Useful websites & resources