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Graduates of the school will leave as well-rounded, positive, responsible, respectful, informed, thoughtful, caring and communally active children. They will be articulate and have the skills to discuss and debate and to listen to, think, respect and respond appropriately to others. Whatever their ethnic background children will take their place as young citizens of the Muslim and wider communities proudly and confidently, with a strong sense of their Muslim and British identities and as members of other groups.

A graduate will leave the school with strong skills, important foundational knowledge in both Muslim and secular education and good study skills. They will have the ability to think creatively and critically, ask intelligent questions, engage in discussion and apply their knowledge and skills to meaningful and authentic projects and life experiences.

Al Khair School encourages children to be courageous and to take risks with their thinking and in their activity, and also to have humility, to listen respectfully and to take into account the work and ideas of others. Children express themselves confidently, appreciate and respect diversity in many forms and at the same time, learn the lifelong gift and skill of listening to others. They recognize that ideas come from engagement with other ideas and that they need to be able to justify their ideas and base them in what they have learned.

The approach to learning, paralleled in both Muslim and general studies, stresses strong skill development and knowledge acquisition, combined with an emphasis on discourse, exploration, problem solving and a real openness to how children think. The learning environment will be structured and at the same time children will have the freedom to explore. The children develop a wide foundation of significant knowledge without neglecting the development of skills necessary to be successful, fulfilled lifelong independent learners.

The curriculum at Al Khair School will be broad, relevant and coherent, matched to the needs and abilities of all learners in order to develop the child as a valued and whole individual. It will be balanced and comprehensive, instilling a love of learning, the joy of mastery and preparing children thoroughly for the next stage of their education.

The curriculum is at the heart of Al Khair School and:

  •  Is broad, balanced, relevant and coherent
  • Is matched to the needs and abilities of all learners
  • Develops the child as a valued and whole individual
  • Encourages pupils to discuss, reflect upon and assess their learning
  • Reflects the diversity of Muslim life
  • Reflects a multi-cultural, diverse, interdependent and global society
  • Encourages a commitment to lifelong learning
  • Prepares children to participate fully in Muslim life
  • Prepares learners for the opportunities, responsibilities of real life experiences
  • Prepares children to give and care for others

The curriculum at Al Khair Primary always includes:

  •  Awareness and celebration of difference and diversity
  • An open Muslim education where interpretation and questioning is valued
  • Learning about a wide variety of religions, races and cultures
  • Quality relationships within a caring and emotionally responsive community
  • Muslim and universal values
  • Concern for equal opportunities and safety
  • Presentation of the learning environment
  • Spiritual, moral and cultural dimensions
  • The intrinsic joy and celebration of achievement and success

Curriculum delivery will incorporate thematic and subject-based approaches in order to capitalise on the strengths of both, allied to the age- and development-related needs of pupils and the professional judgment of teachers, remaining mindful of the needs of assessment regimes as may apply from time to time.

The curriculum will be shaped by the range of teaching strategies and learning styles within the school. Through schemes of work, it will build on existing knowledge, skills and understanding and so provide for continuity and progression. Planning will recognize and respond to the needs of all pupils, including those who currently are under achieving and those who are currently more able.

RSE Statement

Written statement on RSE Policy

Al-Khair secondary schools aims to provide an environment where sensitive discussions can take place that allow pupils to develop self-respect, confidence and empathy.

RSE is about the emotional, social and cultural development of pupils, and involves learning about relationships, sexual health, sexuality, healthy lifestyles, diversity and personal identity. RSE involves a combination of sharing information and exploring issues and values. RSE is not about the promotion of sexual activity.

By the end of secondary school, pupils should know that there are different types of committed, stable relationships and how these relationships might contribute to human happiness and the importance of bringing up happy children. Pupils should also have a good understanding of what marriage is, its legal status and the characteristics of other types of long-term relationships. They will also develop their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of parenting, including the characteristics of successful parenting.

In addition, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge to identify unsafe relationships and how to seek advice when concerned about others. We aim to develop our pupils into healthy, respectful adults who partake in respectful relationships including friendships. They will leave with skills in developing trust, kindness, generosity, boundaries and will understand the importance of boundaries and consent. They will have also learnt how to manage conflict in a healthy way and how to end relationships. Stereotyped attitudes or behaviours are regularly challenged and how they might normalise non-consensual behaviour or encourage

Pupils expect to be treated with respect in school, and in return should treat others with respect, both in and outside of school, including people in positions of authority and those who share different beliefs. We also explore the impact of bullying (and cyber bullying) and that some of these behaviours can have criminal implications. We explore the Equality Act (2010) and how material should be shared online, and
the difficulty of removing potentially compromising material online. We also equip our pupils with the knowledge about issues such as pornography, and the criminal offences associated with child pornography. Pupils are taught how to stay safe online and what to do when they feel unsafe whilst online.

Reproductive health and well-being are explored in depth, including issues such as fertility, sexual pressure, the choice to delay sex or enjoy intimacy without sex. Contraceptive choices are explored, and the impact of pregnancy, having a baby and different sexually transmitted infections. Al-khair secondary schools have their own dedicated PSHE teacher who will provide individual lessons to pupils throughout the school term.