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Enrichment opportunities at Al Khair Primary School are integral to the complete, holistic development of every child. All children have the right to develop new skills, confidence and leadership; working independently, or within a group to enhance their learning experience. Commitment to a team, skill, project or performance aids each pupil’s sense of pride, self-worth, and achievement, whilst building a platform for academic accomplishment.

We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and offer a range of enrichment activities. These activities help pupils learn new skills, develop their confidence, teamwork and communication skills. Our enrichment activities comprise of charity Initiatives, interfaith links with other schools, junior road safety, swimming classes, links with local college and House competitions.

Children enjoy a range of trips locally and further afield in the UK. Visits to castles, museums and the theatre allow learning to be enhanced outside of the classroom and for lessons and topics to come to life.

Current Al Khair Primary School After School Clubs

Gymnastics (Reception and KS1)

Boxing (yrs 5 and 6)

Taekwondo ( All Years)

Science Club (KS2)

Football Club (yrs 4-6) and (yrs 2 and 3)

Future Clubs and Workshops (TBA)

Ballet Workshop (KS1)

Public Speaking Club (KS1 ) (KS2)

Art (TBA)

Student Council:

At Al-Khair school we place great importance on the student voice, elections take place each year where the councillors are elected based on their vision for the school.
Meetings are held fortnightly where they discuss projects that they will be running throughout the year. these projects involve:
  • – Helping the wider community- through fundraising events
  • – School improvement- ideas of how they can improve behaviour, performance, opportunities and facilities for all the pupils
  • – Working in partnership- we have a close working relationship with St Mary’s school and each term our school councils meet to discuss joint ventures.
  • – Conducting student surveys- to monitor the provision for the pupils.
It is important that we instil these skills within our pupils so they can develop an understanding of the wider world in which we live.

Current Student Council Led Initiatives:

Fresh Fruit Refreshments. Children are encouraged to buy fruit during the break as part of the Al Khair Healthy Eating Policy.

Annual Cake Bake. To raise funds for school

White Day. Annual Initiative to raise funds for a charity chosen each year. In the past, Money has been raised for Rohinga and this year was raised for the needy in Syria.

Eid Parcels:

Each Year, children put together a shoebox of ‘goodies’ for children around the world.

Our Student councils have been chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

–  Presenting themselves to their peers in the best manner.

– Public Speaking.

– What changes they can bring to school.

– Confidence and Attentiveness.

Expectations of STUDENT COUNCILS:

Addressing issues of concern.

Organising Events and Activities.

Take on the opportunity of developing organisational and leadership skills throughout the course of their role.

To wear their School Council badges at all times.

Representing a link between the pupils and the staff.

Public Speaking

At Al-Khair school we place great importance on the spoken word. The children are all taught public speaking skills. The focus is placed on reciting poetry, reading aloud and speaking about a topic which the children are interested in. We have also introduced debating and interview skills to help prepare the upper years when they make the  transition to secondary school. The teaching of public speaking helps develop confidence in the art of oracy and overcome inhibitions when speaking in front of an audience.


At Al-Khair school we encourage free thinking and creativity. The school chooses prefects based on their attitude, commitment and overall conduct. They are chosen from Year 5 and 6 and have to undertake many responsibilities such as monitoring behaviour, assisting in school events, helping out during activity days and supporting the younger pupils if they require any support. We believe it is important to nurture and develop these life skills within our pupils, it is also important for them to develop a level of maturity which will help them when they make the transition from primary to secondary school.
Please read our newsletters which capture all the amazing work our prefects and school councillors are doing for the school and the wider community.

The Prefects are chosen on the basis of the following criteria:

– Attendance and punctuality

– Smart and presentable uniform

– Good behavior

– Good attitude

Expectations of Prefects:

To act as good examples to all other pupils in terms of attitude and behavior, uniform, punctuality and attendance.

To represent the School in promoting the good name of the school in and around the school and in the community.

Representing the school at school events and functions, e.g. Open Day, Parents’ Evenings.

Representing a link between the pupils and staff at the school.

To be Salah monitors

To wear their Prefect Badges at all times in school and make arrangements to replace them if lost

To realise that Prefects may have their status taken away if they do not fulfill the above requirements. Successful School Prefects will receive a certificate on leaving school.

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Junior travel ambassadors (JTA) encourages peer-to-peer engagement to promote safer, active and independent travel within the school community in a fun and engaging way. The JTA scheme gives pupils all the support and resources they need to spread important messages while building skills for life.

An important part of JTAs’ work is to promote independent travel to Year 6 pupils and their parents as they prepare to start secondary school; in many cases traveling independently for the first time. This will include running projects and schemes to share ideas on travel planning and teaching pupils how to use resources such as TfL’s journey planner.

Interfaith School Forum

Al Khair Primary School has developed strong links with local schools, St Marys Catholic School and St Cyprians School. This includes regular trips to and visits from teachers and children of both schools.

This has promoted greater respect and understanding of differences and similarities between each other

 House Groups

The house system at Al-­Khair School plays a vital part in the life of the school and involves many of the students in wider extra­curricular experiences. Houses are led by a member of staff and supported by teachers.

The four houses are named Bukhari, Abu ­Dawood, Tirmidhi and Muslim after leading scholars and collectors of hadith in Islam.

All students are placed in one of our four houses at the start of Reception. They remain in these house throughout their time at the school, working in teams across the wider school and supporting the ethos we strive to achieve.

Students represent their House in events such as sports, competitions, debates throughout the year, enjoying the competition with the support of their House Master.

House events encourage participation, organisation, and commitment from all House members involved.

When asked what they remember from school we can confidently say that our ex Al-Khair students remember their House and the contribution they made as well as the experiences they had together.