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Welcome from the Headteacher

As’salaam Alaykum Parents/Carers

We hope and pray you are all safe and in good health. Insh’Allah the school plans to reopen for pupils on Monday 7th September. The school is currently preparing to open for the new term by ensuring that the school has had a ‘Deep Clean’ process to be undertaken, inline with government and DfE (Department for Education) guidance. We will be adhering to Government guidance in relation to social distancing and hygiene procedures. As we are a significantly smaller school we will be able to implement all social distancing measures without compromising the school day timings. Rest assured we have revised procedures in place to safeguard our children and staff from any potential risk. All pupils will be fully briefed on the new measures and routines thoroughly explained during a welcome back assembly.

As most of you are also aware that we have a New Head Teacher- Mr Sajad Akram who has taken up the
post from September. I am sure the local school community will join the staff to welcome Brother Sajad
who brings a wealth of school leadership expertise and experience to help develop our school for the
development of all the pupils who attend Al-Khair Primary.

There will be an open morning opportunity for parents/carers to meet the Head Teacher on 08 September
at 9:00am. We pray Allah swt enables our school to become a true accolade of success and blesses all
those who have- and continue to work tirelessly to help Al-Khair Primary become a beacon school for the

As we welcome the new Islamic year we renew our intentions to help develop our pupils (as a means of
sadaqah jariyah for ourselves first and foremost) to become an asset to our community and the Ummah.

The New Head Teacher- Mr.Akram will be holding regular parent drop in coffee/tea mornings in the
future insh’Allah to encourage parents to be more actively involved in their children’s’ learning and

If you have any questions or queries please email admin on admin.oldbury@alkhairschool.org.uk



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