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Starting a new school can be a daunting experience however Al-Khair is more than a school; it is a community made up of parents, children, teachers and all those involved in helping our school progress.

As a small community school, we endeavor to make every family feel welcome and every child attain their full potential.

As we are also a school with a strong faith-based identity you can be assured that your child’s environment will reflect the Islamic values that we hold dear to us.

‘Education’ means a lot more to us than just the subjects that are on offer to our students. We take their spiritual and emotional development to be just as important in order to help them navigate through the challenges of life.

Indeed, this is the beginning of a journey in which our children will make lifelong friends, develop skills to understand and better the world around them and grow into a young person you can continue to be proud of.

During their time at Al-Khair, I hope that your child takes full advantage of not only the rigorous academic curriculum but also the many enrichment activities we offer throughout the year.

The curriculum has been designed to offer the best academic qualifications available as well as the most widely recognized extracurricular qualifications such as the Enrichment Clubs, ESB examinations, United Kingdom Math Challenges and various sports and other skills offered throughout the year.

Our sincere dua is that our children attain the maximum benefit from this school for this life and for the hereafter Insha’Allah.

Aisha Chaudhry


Girls Secondary School