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Welcome from the Headteacher

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I hope this email find you in the best of health and eeman. I am happy to be writing to you at the end of the first half term with news that the school has remained open and there has been minimum disruption to the children. Alhamdulillah the children have returned to a familiar environment where they have reconnected with their friends and teachers. It is pleasure to walk around the school and see just how happy they are.

The preparation with regards to policies, procedures dealing with the premises and ensuring we were fully compliant with Covid19 has paid off Alhamdulillah. Working within an ever-changing governmental framework continues to be extremely challenging for all those involved. I would like to say a huge Jazakhallahkhair to the whole Al-Khair team for facilitating such a smooth start to an extraordinary year.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to celebrate the student achievements in the normal way, but we have awarded certificates and allowed parents to participate remotely.

Our main priority was to keep things as normal as possible, children can experience anxiety and stress especially when things are changed dramatically. The teachers have worked hard to ensure they are safe
and secure, the new routines have been explained to the children and have become part of the normal school day.

It was a huge blessing that we were prepared and ready for the national lockdown in March. This enabled us to begin online learning immediately. The children’s education was not disrupted, and they were able to
continue learning until the end of the summer term. The online learning has enabled the teachers to maintain the high standards across the school.

The extra English and Maths lessons that have been added to the time tables serve as consolidation and reinforcement of difficult topics, but Alhamdulillah we have found that the impact on our children was minimal. We carried out baseline assessments in September, these were used by the teachers to ensure any gaps were identified and they adapted their teaching accordingly.

We have chosen to cancel all after school clubs to ensure that year bubbles are completely segregated and safe. The safety of our school community is more important, we will not be taking unnecessary risks. Insha’Allah as soon as the pandemic is under control, we will resume all the activities that we have previously held at the school. All internal events will be continuing; however, parents will not be invited. We will accommodate as many of these events remotely if it is practical to do so. We will not be inviting any external visitors to the school or taking the children to any trips.

Parents will receive targets for their children, please take time and go through these over the half term break. We will be arranging parents’ evening next half term; this will take place remotely. We hope that you have a peaceful break and pray that Allah keeps us all safe during these difficult times.

Looking forward to seeing you after the break.


Executive Head / Acting Headteacher

Al-Khair Primary School